Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hope Not Hate

A new fascist party is being born in Britain. Called True Brits (TB), it is made up of current and former members of the British National Party (BNP) and it will seek to attract the hundreds of activists who have left the BNP in recent years.
But it will also bring together some of the more extreme elements of the British far right, including antisemities and holocaust deniers.
Last month, Yorkshire and Humber MEP Andrew Brons resigned from the BNP claiming mistreatment from Nick Griffin and the party hierarchy. This was the green light the rebels had been waiting for.
The fall-out between Brons and Griffin are organisational disputes rather than political differences and, if anything, the new party will be even more extreme than the BNP. It will remain embedded to racial nationalism and total opposition to a multiracial society. Only last year, in a radio interview, Brons described the English Democrats’ “courting of multiracialism” as the primary reason he opposed their party.
The new party will include some of Britain’s most hardline racists, antisemites and Holocaust deniers. It will be BNP mark II but even more toxic. It will be TB in name and equally dangerous.
The new party will be led by Peter Phillips, a former BNP member who in 2006 stood for election as President of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Andrew Brons will become its President. Newcastle-based Kevin Scott is acting as the Secretary of the Steering Group and Andrew Moffat and Ken Booth its deputy chairmen.
Around them will be former BNP organisers and activists, people drawn from small and hardline groups such as England First and the Democratic Nationalists and a number of former National Front activists who were prominent in the 1970s and 1980s.
The new party will include some of Britain’s most hardline racists, antisemites and Holocaust deniers. It will be BNP mark II but even more toxic. It will be TB in name and in nature.
Its strength will initially be in the North East, Yorkshire, East Midlands and London, though it is likely to quickly attract other disillusioned BNP members from across the country.
Britain’s most hardline antisemites and Holocaust Deniers will be joining True Brits. These include Peter Rushton and Bob Gertner. It was Gertner, together with Phillips, who registered the party with the electoral commission.
Another person who has been involved in the discussions over the formation of the new party is Richard Edmonds, John Tyndall’s former deputy and now a leading figure in the National Front. Edmonds is a hardcore nazi and Holocaust Denier, so any involvement from him will clearly demonstrate the true nature of Brons’ new party.
Brons’ group will be expected to contest some of the forthcoming parliamentary by-elections, including Middlesbrough and Croydon, both to be held on 29 November. However, the new party will really look towards next year’s county council elections to stamp their mark on the British far right.
The next few months will decide whether Brons’ new far right outfit replace Griffin’s BNP as the dominant force on the British far right or whether Griffin will weather the storm and remain in control. True Brits will have the activists and the enthusiasm but Griffin is a political street fighter and his party has the recognised brand name.
However, let us not think that there is anything moderate in this new party. It is simply BNP Mark II but even more toxic.
And whoever emerges dominant, HOPE not hate we will be there to oppose them at the ballot box and in the community.

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