Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nominate and support 4themembers candidates in 2013 PCS elections

4themembers - Fighting to return PCS to its members

·       4TM is a network of independent minded trade unionists (from across the political mainstream and none) committed to returning PCS to being what it was set up to be; a Trade Union.

·       4TM opposes the misuse of PCS by outside political organisations for their own agendas through the so-called Left Unity/Democratic Alliance organisation.

·       4TM believes PCS should be a politically neutral Civil Service Trade Union, run by individuals who put their members interests before any outside allegiance.

·       4TM stand for Democracy, Free Speech and openness within the PCS Union. 4TM opposes political extremism whether it comes from the Far Left, the Far Right or Religious Fundamentalism.

·       4TM stands for the rights of the individual and believes these rights in the workplace can be enhanced through the collective approach of the trade union movement.

 4themembers Candidates for the PCS National Executive Committee

President: Di Breen (DWP)

Vice-Presidents: Rachel Barrowclough (DWP), Lynda Frankland Barber (HMRC), David Hunter (Scottish Government), Rod West (BIS)

NEC: Rachel Barrowclough (DWP), Di Breen (DWP, Rob Bryson (DWP),  Joe Cox (CSA),  Owen Dodd (UKBA), Lynda Frankland Barber (HMRC), Christine Galligan (DWP),  Martin Gault (HMRC ),  Hubert Gieschen (MMO), Ravi Kurup (HMRC), Howard Fuller (DWP), Gurmit Kang (DWP), David Hunter (Scottish Government), Andy Magee (HMRC), Winston Murray (FCO), Robert Mottershead (HMRC), James Reynolds (BIS), Willie Samuel (MyCSP), Rod West (BIS),Angie Withers (CSA)

Plus Independent: Jake Wilde (HMRC).

Please nominate these at your Branch Annual General Meeting, and Vote for them in this years PCS Elections.

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