Monday, 7 January 2013

To Conference or Not to Conference

National Delegate Conference the sovereign body of PCS and Group Delegate Conference’s appear to be under threat as groups are told to hold off booking group hotels.

Though there is nothing on the PCS website, the lack of electoral time scales leading up to conference 2013 is adding weight to the rumours floating around many social networks that this years conference is under threat.

One possible reason for any alteration to conference 2013 is being sited as the coalitions attack on our facilities agreements and special paid leave.

While using our own time to attend conference will prevent many representatives from attending, we all know that conference is the annual gathering of activists from across the union to catch up, network and plan for the future.

While the numbers attending might go down, we believe that the majority would still attend.

If the majority of activists would attend in their own time (we are a dedicate, die hard bunch), the question needs to asked, is there some other reason for amending or altering conference 2013?

Is the financial situation PCS faces more sever than we have been led to believe?

Have we gone from a strong, solvent union to one that cannot afford to hold conference, the policy making, sovereign body of our union?

If we have then every single member should be questioning the current leaderships ability to run our union and represent our members interest; plus, every branch should be considering what any alteration to our democratic structures and processes means?

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